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February 2008 Issue

Mailman: consultation and collaboration

Bolstered by the university’s notification systems as well as student-oriented services such as Residence Life and the Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps, the Mailman Counseling Center is one of several mental health options for community members. Over 550 students visit the center per year, and approximately half of every graduating class has visited Mailman before leaving […]

Cuenin, Trisk talk religion, sexuality

On Thursday, students and Brandeis Catholic Chaplain Walter Cuenin gathered at the Trisk office in the Shapiro Campus Center to view, and afterwards discuss, the film “For the Bible Tells Me So.” The event focused on the question; Does God condemn homosexual relationships? The award-winning documentary, shot in a style which was inspired by Michael […]

Missed opportunities: A tale of free speech at Brandeis

In theory, free speech is a simple concept. The First Amendment covers it in ten words: Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech. If only it were that easy. Over the last five years, Brandeis has been host to a series of incidents and controversies, and while free speech was not the driving […]

Editorial: Mailman must deliver

Both Associate Dean of Student Life Maggie Balch and Director of Student Life Rick Sawyer stressed the importance of community in coping with mental health issues this week. In an effort to reach out to Brandeis students from Illinois who may have been affected by the Valentine’s Day shooting at Northern Illinois University, Balch sent […]

Do atheists have freedom of religion?

Imagine a United States in which Christians were constitutionally barred from holding state office. In which polls show that over half of all Americans would not vote for a Christian president. In which a former President felt justified in stating that Christians should not even be considered citizens. Such a nation seems completely beyond our […]

Fighting with Pinpricks: Saint Obama

Odds in the once even money race for the Democratic presidential nomination have started to favor of Barack Obama. With an impressive 11 primary and caucus wins since Super Tuesday, the junior senator from Illinois is well placed to secure the nomination. A comeback by Hilary Clinton is certainly not out of the question; however, […]

Book of Matthew: The Great Republican Lie(s)

I was going to start this out with a disclaimer; something to let the Brandeis Republicans (featured so prominently in last week’s edition of The Hoot) know that I am not trying to call them liars. But then I realized that this is exactly what I am doing, and it can’t be helped. Though I […]

Crisis in Africa – Part II

Americans in general have the habit of reflexively referring to Africa as a singular entity in lieu of specifically mentioning one of the over 50 separate and distinct countries within the continent. This fact alone is the root cause of much of the ignorance and confusion amongst people in this nation regarding both the history […]

Futile Ramblings: Infuriating complaints

Over the past couple of weeks a number of different issues have really been irritating me, more so than usual. I really don’t have any explanation as to why I have recently become so easily aggravated but instead of releasing my aggression on certain individuals, (the mechanism I typically choose) I thought I would use […]

The Gold Standard: A history of the Student Union

Several readers approached me after last week’s open letter and expressed interest in my passing reference to Adam Herman ’04. Adam is largely forgotten, even in the Union. I have met him only once, but administrators and Union elders have told me often of his strong work ethic, his go-getter attitude, and his dedication to […]