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April 2008 Issue

Help Back Pages start a new chapter

With its modest size, diverse selection of books, and in-store readings by authors, Back Pages Books is the quintessential independent bookstore for college students. Unfortunately, the store is currently in danger of closing down–that is, if the community does not come out to support it. Alex Green ’04, the store’s proprietor, recently announced that Back […]

Transparency via blog

As the winners of our most recent Student Union elections get settled in to their new positions, it is necessary to take a few things into consideration. In an election filled with catch words like “open dialogue”, “representing my constituents” and “transparency”, it only makes sense for both the winners and the candidates to do […]

Book of Matthew: A letter to all Clinton supporters

Dear Supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton, As many of you know, your candidate has a very slim chance of being nominated. I am not trying to be harsh; I am merely stating a fact. She will find it quite difficult to persuade superdelegates to support her as long as she is behind in the popular […]

One Tall Voice: A writer’s return to controversy

In the February 29th edition of The Hoot, I announced my sorrowful retirement from controversy. I had proclaimed that I could no longer take the tension and agitation that comes along with saying sometimes offensive or unpopular remarks. I wrote that my skin was no longer thick enough to take the countless assailments from the […]

Shopping for Truth: Drive-thru marriage

What does marriage mean in modern American society? I remember when I was younger, little girls would watch Disney movies believing that the Prince was a real person. But with age comes wisdom and you come to learn that no one is perfect and life is more exciting that way. But what happened to that […]

Ramble on

So I was sitting down at my computer this afternoon writing a column for The Hoot (as I sometimes do) and I thought to myself, I did, “Gosh! I sure have some brilliant ideas. If only there was some way to remind the reader that it is I, Noah Klinger, who is the source of […]

Sexiled: Head hunting

I’m hot and sweaty. I might even still be wet. Because it’s summer and therefore hot out. And because maybe I just went swimming. Get your mind out of the gutter. And now be prepared to hop right back in… Summer is coming up fast, and so is the time to make something other than […]

Know your enemy

Last Thursday afternoon, I was at the demonstration of solidarity for Mamoon Darwish and support for the issues that his case represents. In fact, I helped organize it. I am a graduate student at the Heller School and in my world, free time is a precious commodity. Yet I gave a lot of it to […]

Fighting With Pinpricks: Tough times for feudalism

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for feudalism. Despite the recent hegemony of capitalism, this plucky medieval economic and political system has continually found a way to survive. In the past two weeks, however—from the English Channel to the Himalayas—feudalism suffered a number of setbacks which might well lead us to ask: Does feudalism […]

Over lunch, students and professors learn the truth about each other

During the last conversation with her advisor, David Cunningham, SOC, Kimberlee Bachman ’08 discussed chocolate and baseball because “they are two topics that I enjoy speaking with him about.” Not your typical office hour type of conversation, right? That’s because this conversation occurred as a part of Take Your Professor to Lunch Week, Bachman’s initiative. […]