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November 2008 Issue

Hiatt Career Corner: Don’t shy away from networking: You already know how!

One of the most important, life-long career development skills you can master is networking. Simply put, networking is the process of gathering information from others to help you expand your knowledge and make better decisions. You network all of the time. It is how you learn about social events, student organizations, and classes. It is […]

Book of Matthew: Leave the unions alone, blame the auto makers!

It’s a fact. Anytime the “Big Three” automakers (Ford, GM, and Chrysler) have problems, someone always tries to blame it on unionized labor. For example, recently I was skimming through the blog Think Progress, as I do from time to time, and I came across some quotes by Republican leaders regarding the possibility of a […]

The Naomi Narrative: Making mountains out of molehills

“My eyes are up here.” How many girls out there haven’t had a time when they needed to say that? Guys’ eyes just migrate southward, focusing on that intriguing area between your neck and your belly button. Some flesh, some deposit of fat tissue. Your two headlights ready to be turned on, posing a threat […]

Shopping for Truth: Oops… I’m sorry

I am imperfect. I make mistakes. I sometimes unintentionally hurt people’s feelings. I’m sorry. You are imperfect. You probably screw up every once in a while. And I’m sure some of you have unintentionally hurt my feelings before. But the real question is: are you sorry? Or maybe the better question is, do I think […]

Oh man! I hate college kids!

I don’t really like college kids that much. College is supposed to be a time for us to grow academically, a time for us to expand our intellects and learn through the educational enterprise. Here we are introduced to great works, given wonderful instruction and provided many opportunities to learn valuable academic lessons. Still, my […]

Lending a charitable hand

If Michael Jordan could enjoy a good pampering manicure, why shouldn’t a member of Brandeis’ male population do the same? Who knows, it could just be the reason he dunked so many hoops, right? When Jacob Agi ’12 first heard that Brandeis would be offering manicures for $12, he said “A manicure? No way. I’m […]

It’s all Greek to me!

For some people, foreign language meant the requisite Spanish or French begrudgingly taken in high school: hola and Bonjour, adios and au revoir. Special occasions are marked by tortillas and crepes courtesy of the kindly profesora or professeur. Yet for others, language means a journey to the past, to the days where Homer orated in […]

Gray encourages community involvement

Student Union President Jason Gray ’10 challenged student clubs to develop a community service component for their organizations at his State of the Union address on Monday in Rapaporte Treasure Hall. “For example, the debate team could teach public speaking at a local school. An a cappella group could sing at a local shelter,” Gray […]

Never Looking Back: Judges Open Season with 67-54 win

The WPI Engineers won the opening tip-off of the 2008-09 season opener but that would be the only victory for them as Brandeis turned a first half shooting gallery proved to be enough to overcome a sloppy second half and walked away with the 67-54 victory. “After about five weeks of practice, everyone was ready […]

Laser-like shooting dooms Judges in opener 66-68

Four Brandeis Judges reached double digits in scoring but it was not enough to overcome Lasell’s 12 three pointers as they dropped the season opener in a 66-68 upset. Steve Deluca GRAD showed little sign of rust, leading the Judges with 16 points and 6 rebounds. Kevin Olson ’09 had 14 points after making all […]