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January 2009 Issue

Rose art Image Gallery 5/5 (Barbara Stark)

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Faculty vote to revisit Rose Art decision

Faculty overwhelmingly approved a motion to create a committee that would revisit the decision to close the Rose Art Museum at yesterday’s faculty meeting. The motion, which was introduced by Professors Elizabeth Ferry (ANTH) and John Plotz (ENG), passed with a vote count of 103 faculty for, 11 against, and 12 abstaining. The vote came […]

Univ. faces legal issues in Selling Rose Art

The university’s Board of Trustees’ unilateral decision to close the Rose Art Museum and sell its 7,183 piece collection has sparked a state-wide controversy about the ethicality of selling a collection comprised mainly of donated works in order to ameliorate the university’s budget crisis. This is not the first time that the university has faced […]

Board of Trustees votes to close Rose Art Museum

The university will close the Rose Art Museum this June as part of an effort to minimize the effects of a nation-wide economic recession on the University, according to a press release sent out by President Reinharz Monday night. Reinharz announced the decision after the university’s Board of Trustees unanimously voted in favor of the […]

Students to be involved in sub-committees

The steering committee decided yesterday to create five subcommittees to discuss initiatives meant to combat the budget deficit in improving recruiting and admissions, creating possible business major, requiring students to participate in a summer semester, rethinking degree requirements and rethinking the graduate schools. The steering committee, led by Dean of Arts and Sciences Adam Jaffe, […]

French outlines staggering deficits

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Peter French briefed students on the university’s finances Wednesday morning following Monday’s announcement that the Rose Art Museum will close as a response to the university’s projected $23 million deficit in 2014. Before Wednesday’s presentation, only the fiscal year 2009 deficit and fiscal year 2010 projected deficit had […]

Students organize for budget transparency

Three days after students protested their exclusion from a faculty meeting about budget cuts, and just hours after university President Jehuda Reinharz announced the closing of the Rose Art Museum via e-mail, fifty students gathered in Castle Commons Monday night to discuss their hopes for a role in the process. They call themselves the Brandeis Budget Cut Coalition and communicate avidly via listserv…

Live Campus launches website

Student-led initiative Live Campus launched their website,, Monday to further their goal of ending extreme global poverty. As one of the Boston-based Millennium Campus Network groups striving to end extreme poverty, Live Campus acts as a national inter-collegiate coordinating committee that allows students to plan benefit concerts and events and pledge donations. “Our goal […]

Students left out in the cold

Wednesday morning, barely 48-hours after President Jehuda Reinharz informed the campus community via e-mail that the Board of Trustees voted to close the Rose Art Museum, he took student questions at an open forum about the university’s finances. An open-invitation forum for students was an important improvement over last semester’s quiet, invitation-only event and the […]

Editorial: Rembering a shining light in the darkness

In the midst of heavy criticism of the administration, distress over the impending closing of the Rose Art Museum, and various protest events, it is easy to forget one important and positive development in the budget crisis saga – the Brandeis Plans wiki. The wiki, which can be found at, is an outlet for […]