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October 2009 Issue

Memorializing the fall of the Berlin Wall

Brandeis hosted both a pro-democracy official and a unique German Cold war Hero, Tuesday at the event “Twenty Years After,” a remembrance of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, sponsored by the Center for German and European Studies. Marianne Birthler, the German federal commissioner in charge of the records of the […]

Union endowment committee chosen

Student Union President Andy Hogan ’11 appointed eight members to the Committee on Endowment Ethics and Responsibility (CEER) Thursday evening. CEER’s main goal is to improve the “F” grade the university received from on the endowment transparency; the university received a “A” or “B” on all other green indicators. In addition the committee will […]

Former theater arts student combines passion with service

Like most seniors, Gabrielle Young ’09 had no idea what she was going to do with herself after graduation. “I was having one of those classic ‘I’m a senior and don’t know what I’m doing for the rest of my life’ moments,’” she said. She knew she had her summer accounted for, having landed an […]

Shining the spotlight on teamwork

The day Supervisor of Grounds and Vehicles Dennis Finn was awarded the 2004 Lou Ennis Staff Award, President Jehuda Reinharz made a speech to honor his accomplishments. Reinharz told the story of an email that had been sent that day to the Office of Facilities Services; an email on which the president had been copied. […]

How Brandeis does the World Series

October is a beautiful time of year. It brings the real start of fall, with leaves changing and a bit of a nip in the air. In theory we’re settled into life at school. Most importantly, though, it signals the World Series. The teams may change year to year, but the excitement surrounding the playoffs […]

HEAD TO HEAD: Why I am a Phillies fan

To my knowledge, “Phillies” doesn’t really mean anything. Every team has some icon to represent themselves, like Red Sox, Cardinals, or even the Orioles. Phillies has no meaning, and the mascot, the Philly “Phanatic,” doesn’t resemble any real animal or has any symbolic meaning either. So how could fans root for a team that already […]

HEAD TO HEAD: Confessions of a Yankees fan

Everyone has something they love, something they’re passionate about. For me that thing is the New York Yankees. My obsession (as I will honesty call it) began over a decade ago when my PopPop had me watch a game with him on TV. Chuck Knoblauch came through in the clutch and had a grand slam. […]

Men’s soccer finishes out non-conference play for the year with a win

The Judges played their last non-University Athletic Association (UAA) team of the season on Wednesday when they faced off against the Lasell Lasers on Gordon Field. Brandeis shutout the visitors 2-0 for their second shutout of the season and improved to 6-8-1 while Lasell fell to 9-5-3. This was the second straight win for the […]

Hockey needs to check itself before it wrecks itself

The World Series started Wednesday night, and congrats to the Phillies who won 6-1, but frankly I have little interest. I mean no disrespect to all the Yankees and Phillies fans out there that are beyond excited; I just have officially moved on to hockey. And last week in hockey there was a lot of […]

Skip the docket

The November issue of Harper’s Magazine, which came out last week, features an article about Brandeis entitled “Voodoo Academics: Brandeis University’s hard lesson in the real economy,” which asserts that the university’s current financial problems are the result of overspending on capital projects rather than last September’s Wall Street meltdown. The magazine claims that Brandeis […]