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February 2011 Issue

Women’s bball split weekend and lose home finale

In the home season finale, the Brandeis women’s basketball team split their weekend series against Carnegie Mellon (CMU) and Case Western Reserve. In a basic repeat of the team’s January match-ups, the Judges handed a verdict of defeat to Carnegie Mellon but slipped two days later against Case Western. In the first game of the […]

Offseason in review: Boston Red Sox

As the dust settled after the World Series last fall, the 2011 Red Sox began their preparations for Spring Training. The 2010 Red Sox finished with a record of 89-73 that landed them in third place in the highly competitive American League East Division (AL East). General Manager Theo Epstein had to be very ambitious […]

Professors discuss Shakespeare’s First Folio

It feels almost silly stating that William Shakespeare is, without a doubt, the most prominent figure in the English literary canon. Virtually everyone who has ever taken a high school English class has, at some point, read one of his plays, whether it be “Romeo and Juliet” or “Hamlet.” Countless theater groups dedicate themselves solely […]

Pet prescription: new remedy to common problems

After imprisonment in the library all week from studying for pre-break midterms, it seems as though many are craving social interactions beyond the frozen Canadian geese squawking on the Great Lawn. Since you’re preparing for February break, I thought it would be a good time to suggest purchasing something that could bring you continuous companionship […]

Mashes to mashes, dust to dust …

I breezed into Levin Ballroom Saturday night feeling confident. “I’m on the list,” I said airily to the ticket-takers. They showed me in and I examined the room. There was about a third-of-a-Pachanga of people there —one Pachanga being defined as the number of people you can fit into Levin Ballroom before you immediately want […]

And the winners will be …

To paraphrase a wise man, nothing in life is certain save for death, taxes … and the Academy Awards. Just as most Brandeis students will be returning to campus on Feb. 27, the 83rd iteration of the Oscars will be underway. Like every other year, this telecast—to be hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway—promises […]

Creative Writing: “The Duke”

When Veronica stomped onto the gravel track, head-down, blinking from the sunlight like a baby mole, Tim thought that the girl was going to punch him. Every morning, Tim gulped down a glass of orange juice, ate a power bar and went to the town reservoir to run. He never listened to music. Once he […]

Arts Recommends…

Film ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Can’t get enough of Leonardo DiCaprio? Even if he isn’t your favorite actor, you should give Steven Spielberg’s clever con-artist film a chance. Based on the true-life story of Frank Abagnale Jr., who impersonated a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer and a PanAm pilot in order to con banks […]

Give Sherman a second chance

During orientation week, the only dining option was Sherman Dining Hall. To put it lightly, the food selection was quite poor, much more limited than during the regular semester and, although there weren’t many students to feed, provisions continued to run out. The orientation leaders told us not to be disheartened by the sub-par food […]

Smoke stinks, in fact, it really stinks

Last week’s Hoot featured a column in the impressions section titled “Get off our butts,” which defended the right of smokers to smoke. While I may think smoking is incredibly stupid, and I would even openly go out of my way to disrespect anyone in my family that smokes (former smokers excluded), I certainly think […]