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February 2011 Issue

Book of Matthew: The plight of the Wisconsin state worker

Push people around long enough and, eventually, they will push back. Just ask Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. More than 1,000 Madison teachers called in sick Wednesday and Thursday to protest Governor Walker’s proposed budget, which will cut public employees’ salaries and prevent them from negotiating with their employers. A shortage of substitute teachers forced Madison […]

‘Put more pressure on Iran,’ a response

A few weeks ago, a column published in The Hoot titled “Put More Pressure on Iran” proposed that the United States should dedicate more of its efforts to increasing economic sanctions on Iran as well as undertaking more sabotage activities in the hopes of changing the Iranians’ “decision making calculus” through the destabilization of Iranian […]

The Chosen Rosen: Presence is a present: Go to class!

You’re woken abruptly by the roar of your alarm clock. You forcibly glance up at the time: 8:55 a.m. Class starts in 15 minutes. Do you push yourself out of bed, an act that requires far more willpower than you have at your disposal, or do you fall back into bed naturally? As college students, […]

Sexcapades: The benefits of body art

The question of body art has recently come up a lot, and it’s made me wonder exactly what our cohorts’ take on the subject is anyway? Beginning in the late 1980s, body art became a really popular thing among teens and young adults, meaning that when we were growing up, all those cool looking older […]

Three strikes: the reason why Californians should be ashamed

The American Criminal Justice system has many instances of injustice. What is currently going on in California as a result of the state’s “Three Strikes Law,” however, can only be classified as barbaric. Currently, California is imprisoning Rene Landa for 27 years to life for stealing a spare tire. George Michael Lane is serving 25 […]

Altered Consciousness: Obama leads to decline in U.S. power

Since President Obama took office, American influence and credibility abroad has declined, and the United Staates has, for better or worse, started to play a less dominant role in global affairs. Nowhere has this been more evident than in Egypt. President Obama’s response to the crisis unfolding in this country was schizophrenic. Initially, his administration, […]

The Self Shelf: 20/20 foresight

A week ago, Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak was ousted from power in Egypt. It was a rare example of thousands of protesters winning out against the dictator for once, no thanks to the United States. There were scant words of support for the democratic protesters in Cairo in spite of their legitimacy. Instead, America took […]

A very presidential love story

Fred says: Kathy and I met at Friday night services at Yale Hillel her senior year in college and my first year of law school. We became very good friends that year and I thought that she was the kindest person I had ever met. Fortunately for me, she stayed on campus the year after […]

Taking to the streets

The Egyptian protests of the last several weeks have gripped the globe, monopolizing headlines and shaking a region. As the military is now in command of the government and the world ‘sattention on the country remains, one Brandeis student has a unique connection to the new regime. Sara Enan ’11 is the great-niece of Lt. […]

Two years after The Rose: Where are we now?

On Jan. 26 2009 former Brandeis University president Jehuda Reinharz sent a community-wide e-mail announcing that the university’s board of trustees had voted to close the campus’ Rose Art Museum and sell its collection. The decision, which was met with uproar by the Brandeis and art communities, was made amid economic crisis and financial struggle […]