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February 2011 Issue

Perlman named associate provost

Professor Dan Perlman (BIOL) has been named an associate provost with responsibility for the assessment of student learning, a portfolio that includes supervision of university-wide departmental and other office goals, by outgoing Provost Marty Krauss. His appointment to the one-year renewable term, which will overlap with Krauss’ successor to be named this spring, will begin […]

World champion boxer finds Judaism

Yuri Foreman, the first orthodox Jew to become a world champion boxer in nearly 80 years, said during a reception Tuesday evening in Rapaporte Treasure Hall that professional boxing and religious studies can overlap in one’s life. Foreman, a native of Belarus, who moved to Israel as a child and now lives in Brooklyn, New […]

Liberal intolerance at Brandeis

There are many stereotypes that persist about Brandeis and its students. Since transferring to Brandeis University last fall, I have heard things such as: every student is Jewish, everyone is from Long Island or New Jersey, and that Brandeis students are too awkward to function. Another stereotype that I have heard, and witnessed firsthand, is […]

Columbia Univ professor lectures on human rights

On Monday night, Rapaporte Treasure Hall was the site of deep discussion and debate about issues relating to human rights around the world; even the meaning and the concept of human rights was analyzed. The event, titled “The Limits of Human Rights Thinking: A Symposium on Samuel Moyn’s ‘The Last Utopia,’” gave the audience an […]

Documentary inspires debate over ‘Race to Nowhere’

Solving challenges in primary and secondary education is a complex problem, and today, everyone’s an expert. After all, most American parents went to school, and they are convinced they know what’s best for their kids. Which also means that when things don’t go as planned, parents—who want their children to be as successful as they […]

Art exhibit tackles ‘insatiable’ appetites

We want more: more food, more money, more power, more sex—we are never satisfied with what we have and are always hungering for what we do not already possess. In the juryed exhibit “Insatiable,” currently featured at the Kniznick Gallery in the Women’s Studies Research Center (WSRC), 42 artists tackle modern society’s endless appetite and […]

Valentine’s Day at ’Deis

What do we know about Valentine’s Day? We know that every year on Feb. 14 people send cards, flowers and gifts to the ones they love. But why is it “Valentine’s” Day? Who is St. Valentine? Today the Catholic Church recognizes at least three saints with a similar last name, all of whom were martyred. […]

Gosling and Williams deliver ‘Blue Valentine’

Towards the beginning of director Derek Cianfrance’s “Blue Valentine,” college student Cindy Pereira (Michelle Williams) asks her grandmother a question: “What did it feel like when you fell in love?” In response, her grandmother looks around as if she’s lost something, then gently but bluntly responds that she doesn’t think she ever found it and, […]

Yousome, mesome, threesome: exploring sexual boundaries

Creating healthy boundaries and discovering which sexual activities feel right or wrong for you remains the key to maintaining and exploring your sexual health. This means knowing what you are comfortable with doing as well as realizing that each person may have wildly different boundaries than you do. Boundaries can be influenced by personal preference, […]

The weekly glutton: hole-y Einsteins!

Let’s talk about an oasis on a campus otherwise devoid of … bagels? The belly of the Shapiro Campus Center houses Einstein Bros. Bagels. Many Brandeisians frequent this throbbing center of social activity for their daily cup(s) of coffee or for a food that is quitessentially Jewish: the bagel. A bagel is a questionable food […]