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October 2011 Issue

Whistleblower who brought down Enron speaks

Sherron Watkins, the former vice president of Enron Corporation and the whistleblower who exposed the corporation in 2001 for its fraudulent accounting practices, visited campus Wednesday and spoke about the intimidating corporate culture that prevents employees from asking questions. Watkins is known as the primary whistleblower in the Enron collapse. Enron, under the leadership of […]

SEA, Union call for healthy eating with ‘Food Day’

Students for Environmental Action and the Student Union celebrated National Food Day on Monday, promoting “The Real Food Challenge” campaign to present students with healthier eating options. Students hosted a workshop in the SCC, discussing how to bring “real food” to campuses that support the healthy eating movement. During the workshop, students were asked to […]

Debate team ranked highest in nation

The Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society (BADASS) currently boasts the best team of the year and the second best club of the year after Yale University. Keith Barry ’13 and Russell Leibowitz ’14 won the tournament at Harvard this semester, marking Brandeis’ second consecutive win against Harvard. Barry and Leibowitz have won tournaments at […]

University seeks to avoid citation for website compliance

After an open letter from the federal Department of Education reminding university presidents about legal obligations to students and potential students with disabilities, Provost Steve Goldstein announced the creation of a university committee to determine Brandeis’ compliance with federal regulations pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act. The relevant portions of the Department of Education’s […]

JBS emerges from tough rollout as successful program

The three summer 2011 Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) programs completed a successful run Tuesday with student presentations detailing their accomplishments. The individual accomplishments of the programs—“JBS Mobile Applications and Game Development,” “JBS Goes South: Civil Rights and Racial Justice in Mississippi” and “JBS Filmmaking: From Script to Screen”—are, however, unremarkable; the remarkable thing is JBS’ […]

Three Rose exhibits spotlight permanent collection

For those already well-acquainted with The Rose Art Museum’s wonderful permanent collection, Thursday’s reopening contained little in the way of surprises. It did, however, unveil three expertly curated exhibits that reveal the museum’s rich history and focus on modern art—all in time for its 50th anniversary. The “Art at the Origin” exhibit focuses on artwork […]

Don’t call my name…just text me

Like most of you, I wouldn’t be caught dead without my cell phone. Pretty much the only times I don’t have it on me are when I’m taking a test (fearing it will ring, I turn it off and take the battery out) and when I’m in the shower. And ironically, as soon as I […]

Warner Bros., what gives?

I’m not sure if Warner Bros is trying to annoy me but whatever they’re doing is working. Last week, they implemented a new digital copy system, and now they’re messing with “Harry Potter.” This week reports have been circulating that Warner Bros. intends to implement a moratorium on the sale of the “Harry Potter” films […]

At the Rose, an admission that art trumps money

Amid the paintings and sculptures on display in the recently reopened Rose Art Museum, there’s one piece of art that clearly doesn’t belong. It’s a small lawn sign that reads in bold red and white lettering, “ATM available inside.” In 2009, The Rose almost became a metaphorical ATM. But thanks to the design efforts of […]

Nineteen going on 30

I have always wanted to be 30. Since I was a little girl, all I ever wanted was to be an adult. I used to envy older women for being able to dress beautifully, put on their makeup and go to work or simply go have coffee with their friends. I envied their serious conversations, […]