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October 2011 Issue

The Katzwer’s Out of the Bag: Think first, don’t overreact

There are certain words one cannot say without bringing on excessive ire. I won’t list any here but we all know what they are. The question becomes, however, in what settings and contexts can these words be spoken, or is it never all right? Schools should be safe zones in which to conduct discussions about […]

Stories of smartphone success

The day I got my Android Incredible smartphone, my mother got one too. For two weeks we sat, fiddling with our new toys, engrossed in their speed, intelligence and sexiness. Nearly a year later, we are still discovering new tricks our phones can perform and update each other regularly with the latest applications we’ve found. […]

Romney is right for Republicans

At this point, one year before Election Day, it seems likely that former governor Mitt Romney will become the Republican presidential nominee—assuming that all current trends persist. Romney has a lot going for him, including the fact that he is a very capable and polished debater; possesses a firm and nuanced grasp of domestic, economic […]

Rose controversy left lasting shadow

Celebrating the reopening of The Rose Art Museum, Brandeis community members talked about a new era for the university this week. But as much as the Rose debacle resonated with the arts community, the lessons of the crisis that followed resonated with many others who were unfamiliar and uninterested in the role of the arts […]

Institute senior preference in course registration

With course registration quickly approaching, this editorial board strongly urges the office of the registrar to revise the arbitrary system for registering students that has long been used. Currently, students are randomly assigned a time to register for classes on the first day of the enrollment period. On the second day, the times are reversed. […]

Classics integral to liberal arts education

We were happy to see the Classical Studies department, derided and in danger a few years ago, as a thriving, economically successful program today. Every self-respecting university must preserve these most vital of studies, the heart and soul of the liberal curriculum. Brandeis has avoided a grave folly. During the so-called Dark Ages, the Western […]

Chinese international student spends summer in India

Terry Chenyu Li ’14, a Beijing native, ventured a little farther from his home than many other students did this past summer. Li took part in the Brandeis-India Initiative program and had the opportunity to teach children of different ages in a village in India. The Brandeis-India Initiative, a program sponsored by The Office of […]

View From the Top: Go away. Seriously.

In my time at Brandeis, I have been a slightly cliche college student and have tried many new things. I have tested the waters in a wide range of clubs and academic departments; I have been to dozens of random student events, activities and performances; I have at least once read the entire way through […]

You Know We’re Right: Ditch the dude or the drama? Maybe both?

Dear Leah and Morgan, I’m having some boy problems and I need your help. For a while I’ve been really good friends with this guy and we’ve been hooking up for about a month. Neither of us wants a relationship for various reasons and we were both happy with our situation—until recently. We have a […]

Redefining the Holocaust: Israeli author Michal Govrin offers insight for survivors’ families

Michal Govrin, an acclaimed Israeli writer, visited Brandeis this past week to discuss her book, “Hold on to the Sun.” Her newly translated book presents a collection of short stories and essays in which Govrin explores her identity as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. Her words redefine what it means to live in a […]