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August 2012 Issue

Chum’s to welcome unusual fare

With the new semester upon us, students will be looking to balance their coursework with a slew of campus events. For the musically inclined, Punk Rock ’n’ Roll Club has a bevy of bands lined up for this semester. No dates have been set yet, but flyers will be around campus advertising each show. The […]

Realizing an American identity while abroad

During an interview with Steve Inskeep of NPR, writer Ta-Nehisi Coates commentated that, “country is sort of like family.” That statement rings true. No matter what your reaction is to American culture, it has an impact on your values and personality, even if it escapes your notice. I have never been a patriotic person. An […]

Maintaining Brandeis’ campus harder than it looks

Coming from a bustling, Minnesota farming town, I didn’t have many options as far as a summer job. My only choices included working on a friend’s farm, manning a gas station counter or working for the city. I chose the most difficult of the three options: I spent 40 hours a week doing odd jobs […]

Job well done, but future diversity programs need more ‘class’

As an orientation leader two years ago, I walked my six new students, with a bit of trepidation, to that year’s version of orientation’s program on diversity. A year before as a first-year myself, I had sat down in Hassenfeld and witnessed a presentation of racial and anti-gay slurs aimed to provoke our introspection. My […]

Bentley microfinance lends small for big impact

A group of students at Bentley University recently founded a microfinance group intended to provide loans for small start-up companies in or around the Boston area. The organization, Bentley Microfinance Group was first founded in 2008 but has expanded greatly in the past few months. The first loan they provided was to Aspire Magazine in […]

Brandeis’ Artistic Early Days

Throughout the past 60 years, Brandeis has indisputably been a hotbed of protest and other significant political activity. As political movements have come and gone through the university, so have the artistic and cultural ones, going hand in hand with these fresh political leanings. Brandeis has always had a role in the cultural history of […]

Student artist finds true passion in music

Far from only labeling himself a rapper, Osaze Akerejah ’14, a philosophy major who is more recognizable by his stage name Saz.É , identifies himself first and foremost as an artist. Rebuking the pressure merely to conform to what is deemed popular by mainstream artists or society, his creative passion becomes evident as he adamantly […]

Univ sexual assault policy shifts

More than one year after the U.S. Department of Education released new guidance regarding Title IX and university sexual assault cases, Brandeis has adopted a separate grievance process for cases of sexual misconduct. The new addition to Rights and Responsibilities this year, titled “Special Examiner’s Process,” and listed under section 22.6, applies to one or […]

Sarna discusses Jewish voting on WGBH

There has been a lot of talk of religion during this election cycle, Kara Miller noted on WGBH on Monday. From Mitt Romney’s Mormonism to the evangelical right, theories and predictions have permeated the media. She spoke about the role of Jewish voters in 2012 with Professor Jonathan Sarna (NEJS), a professor of American Jewish […]

Former VP Peter French paid 3.2 mil upon leaving

Former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Peter French received more than $3.2 million in reportable compensation in 2010, in large part because illness forced him to retire earlier than expected, a university spokesman said. His total reportable compensation is listed at $3,225,538 on the university’s 990 form, part of its federal tax filings […]