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August 2012 Issue

Improvements ahead for LTS

An extra half a million dollars has been allotted to LTS each year, which should help them recover from the large budget cuts of the economic downturn. John Unsworth, Vice Provost for Library & Technology Services, explained that LTS plans to use the extra funds for continued improvement and library development. A number of projects […]

Waltham waters alive, swimmers beware

For the majority of the summer, Newton’s Crystal Lake has not been so crystalline. Cyanobacteria, a kind of algae bloom, was detected in the Charles River in Waltham and Weston at the end of July. In addition, two mosquitos were discovered with cases of West Nile Virus in Crystal Lake. Both are dangerous to humans. […]

Brandeis Briefs

Police: Boyfriend attempted murder A 31-year-old Waltham man has been arrested for attempting to murder his girlfriend, police said. Authorities took Brett Savage, of Adams Street, into custody Aug. 22. Savage was engaged in an argument with his partner when he placed his hand over her mouth and nose and punched her in the stomach, […]

Castle to undergo overdue renovation

As students return to Brandeis, they will notice a number of improvements around campus: new sidewalks between the Castle and East, and a new entry floor in the Shapiro Admissions Center. More than 23 bathrooms in East Quad were renovated, and new steam pipes were installed in North Quad. Buildings were made more energy efficient, […]

Voter ID: Making it harder to vote or preventing fraud?

Last month I applied for an absentee ballot to be sent to my Brandeis mailbox so that I could vote in my state’s election. Sure, I could have registered as a Massachusetts voter, but I wanted to vote under the same address that I did four years ago. My desire to vote for my home […]

Esther Kartiganer, 60 minutes producer, dies at 74

With a career culminating in her position as senior producer of the CBS news program 60 Minutes, Esther Kartiganer ’59, a Brandeis alumni and trustee, died on Aug. 1 in Aspen, Colo. She was 74. Kartiganer was engaged in a habitual bike ride to a nearby ski lift where she enjoyed reading when she suffered […]

Prototype male birth control pill could bring real gender equality

The past couple of months have been filled with discussion about birth control, abortion and the right of individuals to decide the best course of action for themselves regarding their sexuality. There has been a new discovery about birth control for men. Published earlier this month in the science journal Cell, researchers have inadvertently found […]

When in Mea Shearim, do as the Haredi do (Finding the balance between the custom of the place and imposing your beliefs on others)

While in Israel in April, I spent a few days in Jerusalem with camp friends. We did all of the touristy stuff I’d done before, as well as going to a few places a tour guide never would have taken me. Our day started at Machaneh Yehuda, an outdoor market. After some sweetened, dried pineapple […]

Introducing the Grand New Party

The Grand Old Party’s allowed itself to be replaced. Although never all that grand, until now it at least managed to be quite old. Old men with old ideas keeping a tight grip on the party from the old, trustworthy headquarters—such was the old Republican brand. The new brand has been made by new faces, […]

Fear and conspiracy in the NBA: an erosion of trust

Whether it was an alleged over-aggressive call or a call perceived to be missed, the referees quickly became a story in the NBA playoffs this year. While many have called for a complete revamping of NBA officiating, arguing that referees are inept and even corrupt in some cases, Nolan Fine, a former NBA referee for […]