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January 2013 Issue

Choreography, student moves a hit in ‘Hot in Here’

Brandeis’ club Hooked on Tap performed their well-attended, all-inclusive tap show, last Saturday. “Hot in Here” drew a crowd with a line of students and parents waiting for entry, something unusual on a night that also boasted attractions like “Disney Rocky Horror” and the A-Track concert. By involving tap groups from Boston University and Brown, […]

Dreitzer gallery displays student art in comfortable atmosphere

Brandeis thrives on its theater and arts. Appropriately, students and faculty gathered at the Dreitzer gallery in Spingold Theater to view recent artwork completed by undergraduates this past Wednesday night. The opening reception for the exhibit, titled “Dimensions 2,” featured work from the more advanced art classes as well as the introductory drawing classes. A […]

Honors thesis student expresses emotion through art

Through his artistic renditions of close friends, Lenny Schnier ’13, a studio arts major pursuing an honors thesis project in painting, seeks to convey the turbulence of emotions experienced by students on the brink of graduation as the progression into adulthood looms in the imminent and increasingly encroaching future. Originally from Long Beach, New York, […]

Rocky Horror Disney entertains with an ‘anything goes policy’

For all those truly unfamiliar with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, be advised: there is a special induction process for those who have never been to a midnight showing of this cinematic classic, just like the one presented last Saturday here at Brandeis. Somewhat of an underground cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show follows […]

To the graduating senior

Throughout your entire life you have been told the same mantra: If you do well in school, you can be whatever you want to be. And so you have lived by this mantra and have worked hard so that someday you can reach your potential, make money and “be what you want to be.” In […]

Community steps after Newtown

Tragedies have made the cycle painfully familiar—from Columbine to Virginia Tech to Tucson to Aurora and now Newtown: a mass shooting dominates the network’s daily newscasts, editorial and op-ed pages are filled with proposed legislative solutions and gun control advocates loudly voice their opinions. On July 20 last year, it was a movie theater—the type […]

‘Buffy’ star, African aid charity founder to highlight ‘Deis Impact conference

Actress Eliza Dushku and her mother, Judy Dushku, will deliver the keynote address Feb. 6 during Brandeis’ “Deis Impact 2013: Exploring Social Justice on Campus, In Waltham and Around the World.” While Eliza may be extremely involved in Hollywood, starring in TV shows and movies such as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Bring it On” and […]

Review campus security with vigilance

Last week’s incident in Village A residence hall, where a man not associated with the University intruded into a student’s dorm room, should raise concern among members of this community. Brandeis students and staff should respond with vigilance, along with minor, but proactive security changes. Most security scares during the past few years, from car […]

‘Pitch Perfect’ hits the right note

A cappella has recently become more prominent, with shows such as “The Sing Off” and the increasing popularity of a cappella groups on college campuses. The release of “Pitch Perfect” in 2012 makes perfect sense. Following a college first-year during her first few weeks of school, this film is a realistic portrayal of the typical […]

Local painter Mechtaly expresses activism through art

Chama Mechtaly, a local artist, is gifted in her ability to convey the narratives of culturally-marginalized groups and communities in North Africa through her art. She has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember, and fondly recollects her father always encouraging her to draw. When she turned 15, she stumbled upon […]