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January 2013 Issue

Judges go 0-2 on the road, now carry UAA record of 1-4

Following last week’s pair of UAA losses, the women’s basketball team sought to redeem themselves this weekend against two tough teams. They came up short, however, and now hold a season record of 7-9 and a UAA record of 1-4. The UAA competitors that got the best of the Judges’ performance in their first away […]

Judges complete Midwest sweep to attain national ranking

This past weekend, the men’s basketball team won both games on their annual Midwest UAA road trip for just the second time in program history, earning a national ranking of No. 19 in Division III. The Judges defeated No. 13 Washington University, 67-62, and the University of Chicago, 59-55. With the wins, the Judges improve […]

Stepping Away From the Fiscal Cliff

On New Year’s Eve, most of the world awaited the beginning of the new calendar in celebration. In the United States, the market waited with baited breath as the country continued a long trudge toward economic ruin. A year and half prior, the United States had nearly defaulted on its debt due to political disagreement […]

Toying with a world without tech

Sometimes when lost in thought, or perhaps after pulling too many late nights in the library, I gaze around at all the technology that surrounds me and I come to a devastating and perplexing conclusion. If suddenly all these tools were abolished, and the human race were left to recreate the innovations that define our […]

Women’s art exhibit captures definitions beyond the normative

In one painting, a little girl plays with a gun nearly her own size, a clear commentary on the ravages of gun violence. In another piece, a ballerina with short hair reflects the fluidity of gender roles and an awareness of transgendered identities. The pieces are part of “Off-Kilter,” an exhibit by the artist Karen […]

Women’s research center scholars discuss the role of ‘place’

Sponsored by South Street Literary Magazine, the interactive presentation “You’ve Come to the Right Place” stressed the significance of location not only within literary works, but within personal life as well. Speaker Nancy Ballard, a scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center specializing in research pertaining to creative writing and law, engaged participants in a […]

Debating abortion means harming women

Ever since their great triumph in Roe v. Wade 40 years ago this week, pro-choice activists have been fighting a losing battle to preserve it. As recently described in Time magazine and The Washington Post, in some states such as North Dakota, there is only one clinic to perform abortions for an entire state of […]

¿Español? Debe aprender—Comprendes?

Waiting to go home for winter break, I was sitting at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, reading quietly before waiting to board. As I waited, a dark-skinned, Hispanic woman sat down next to me with an apprehensive look on her face. She turned to me and spoke softly, “I don’t speak very much […]

Ending gun violence is no game

I’ve enjoyed video games as long as I can remember. Until I was six, and lucked into a Nintendo 64, I only got to play games at friends’ houses. Since then, I’ve expanded from platformers like Super Mario 64 and role-playing games like Pokemon, to additional genres like first-person shooters (such as the Halo series). […]

A quiet life

I sometimes wonder to myself what university life would be like without social media, smart phones, or the Internet. A shocking proposition indeed, but one that attests to the plethora of ways social media has us locked in. It would be a world without constant notices from Facebook, from housing requests to party events. Twitter […]