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Arts, Etc.

BTC showcases exquisite beauty in ‘The Conference of the Birds’

“The Conference of the Birds” is beautiful. The first (and most notable) exquisite aspect is the set itself. Staged in the Laurie Theater, a small round space, the actors bring the play to life in an arena incredibly close to the audience. Behind a platform sketched with what looks like sand, lies a portal—a screen […]

Adagio Dance Company dazzles at ‘Be the Spark’

Lights and streamers lined the stage. Nearby hung a colorful sign that read “Adagio Dance,” a considerably modest setup for the Dance Company’s latest performance, “Be the Spark.” Other than these subtle decorations, the only other adornment was a white tarp that hung in the stage’s background, used primarily to catch the spotlights. These overhead […]

Baladi reflects on international, multimedia art career

Lara Baladi, a highly acclaimed Egyptian-Lebanese photographer and multimedia artist, recently presented “Organised Chaos,” which beautifully summarized a retrospective autobiography of her career, her most prized works, her inspirations and her message. The Brandeis Art Council hosted Baladi, who gave a talk presented by the Department of Fine Arts, the Department of African and Afro-American […]

English Department announces new courses and instructors

Brandeis’ newest English classes have just recently been announced. According to the English Department, Scott Moore and Jodie Austin will be teaching a number of courses next semester. Moore, who will be teaching Moving on Up: The Fiction of Merit and Mobility this coming spring, earned his B.A. and M.A. degrees in English from California […]

Darkmatter performance stuns

Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramanian, poets and activists known together as the trans South Asian political performance art duo Darkmatter, delivered an incredible performance at Chum’s Coffee House last night that blew the roof off. The event was organized by the media club Brandeis Television (BTV) and Triskelion, Brandeis’ student resource for empowering LGBTQ members […]

‘Spring Awakening’ combines musical talent with dark reality

This weekend, Typanium Euphorium presents “Spring Awakening.” Directed by Rachel Liff ’16, the musical premiered on Thursday night in the SCC Theater. The play opened as Sarah Steiker ’17, playing Wendla Bergmann, walked on stage toward a chair. She put on a short dress and began to sing. Immediately, the discipline and determination of the […]

Poet Kazim explores ‘lostness’ in reading

On Nov. 11, poet, essayist and translator Kazim Ali performed a poetry reading in Mandel. He first read through “Bright Felon” and “Sky Ward.” These two poems, typical of most of his poems, contain messages of philosophy, religion and his personal experiences. His first poem encompasses everything he has felt for most of his life: […]

HTP’s ‘Midsummer’ enchants audience

In a show of wit and flair, Brandeis’ Hold Thy Peace theater group presented Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in a more modern adaptation of the long-standing comedy. The show was artfully crafted and stitched together, aligning all the parts of a production—acting, scenery, lighting, costumes and makeup—impeccably. The play was particularly gripping because of […]

SCRAM combines psychology and art

On Thursday, Nov. 6, the Student Committee for the Rose Art Museum (SCRAM) co-hosted a “Lamp Night/Late Night” event with the Psychology Club. The event, hosted at the Rose, consisted of a discussion of artist Magnus Plessen’s work “1914: Magnus Plessen” and was attended by a number of respectful and interested students. By the end […]