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Deptford Goth’s recent marriage inspires ‘Songs’

British experimental pop producer and singer Daniel Woolhouse’s recent marriage became his inspiration for his new album “Songs,” which came out Monday, Nov. 3 under his stage name, Deptford Goth. With songs described as “ethereal, spectral R&B” tunes, artist Daniel Woolhouse hails from Peckham, Southeast London. Woolhouse started fusing his songwriting roots in guitar and […]

The Decemberists get better in ‘Make You Better’

This week, The Decemberists released their first new single in almost four years. “Make You Better” is the first track to be released off of their upcoming album, to be titled “What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World.” The album is set to be released mid-January 2015. For long-time Decemberists fans, “Make You Better” […]

COMIC: Frozen Over

Kickoff event for Brandeis Beats engages students

Monday night marked Brandeis Beats’ first drum circle of the semester, bringing laughter and excitement to the lively group. Brandeis Beats is a club devoted to making music and involving the community in a peaceful, relaxing and cooperative activity. First-years and seniors, first-time visitors and long-time members, all kicked off their shoes and took their […]

‘Lost Girls’ tackles tough themes

This weekend, Brandeis Ensemble Theatre premieres its latest production, “Lost Girls,” a two-act drama about obstacles and trauma faced by women in all walks of life. The play was written and directed by Charlie Madison ’15. “Lost Girls” explores its themes through five women, each representative of a specific archetype of survivors of trauma. The […]

Brandeis Film Collective releases Halloween short film

On Halloween Eve, Brandeis Film Collective launched its first short film of the year, a production titled “Too Close to Be Home.” The film featured two up-and-coming first-year actors, Keturah Walker and Jordyn Seri, both of whom made it to the first showing and described their first experience acting. There was an aura of excitement […]

Brooklyn-based artist premieres latex art at Women’s Studies Research Center

Just as the name suggests, “Big Bounce,” the Women’s Studies Research Center’s (WSRC) art event, displays innovative work that has recently grown in leaps and bounds—using latex as a medium of focus for artwork. With Brooklyn-based artist Leeza Meksin’s site-specific installation outside of the WSRC building, we can see how this elastic material helps viewers […]

COMIC: Semester Scares