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Finance board inconsistent in funding allotments and regulations

In the wake of frenzied marathon meetings and miscommunications, Brandeis University’s Finance Board has proved themselves inconsistent. Marathon meetings are an expected ritual at the start of every semester, as clubs present their budgets for the semester and try to convince F-Board to accept their proposals in full. But instead of calm and informative meetings, […]

Univ’s new compensation philosophy leaves many questions

In mid-November, Brandeis students were shocked when news of Jehuda Reinharz’s immense salary was leaked by The Boston Globe. Reinharz had the second-longest term of any president to serve Brandeis, and since January 2011 he has acted as part-time president emeritus. While President Lawrence stated in a recent BrandeisNOW article that Reinharz is “a champion […]

Online housing selection comes with its share of potential problems

The Department of Community Living recently announced that housing selection, a rather tense yearly ritual for Brandeisians, will be moved entirely online starting this year. The Community Living website boasts that “You will no longer need to appear at a certain day and time to select your room” and outlines five easy steps students should […]

Despite continued service, Reinharz pay excessive

Recently, the Boston Globe published a front page article bringing national attention to a subject we at the Hoot have been commenting on for years: the outrageous compensation given to retiring leaders of Brandeis. In the most recent example Brandeis’ President Emeritus Jehuda Reinharz receives an unusually high compensation from the University. In exchange for […]

Study abroad costs unfairly inflated

Every semester, students planning to study abroad learn that the experience is too expensive to consider. Even students who thought they had their plans set in stone, who applied to a program through Brandeis and were accepted sometimes realize that they are effectively priced out, just months before their departure. Interestingly enough, most study abroad […]

Digital education should have a price advantage

This spring semester marks a milestone in Brandeis’s debut on the 21st century online education scene. Higher education is unique among American industries in that digital technology has left long established practices and mentalities largely unscathed. But the times are changing and Brandeis, as well as other elite Universities, have to recognize that ultimately IT […]

Univ needs to communicate on recent spate of resignations

An interesting theme has come to characterize the 2013-2014 school year. Many familiar faces in Brandeis Administration, some with decades of past experience on this campus, are disappearing. A procession of the most seasoned education professionals Brandeis has to offer have turned in their resignations. Common to all of these departures is the air of […]

Gateway Buddies immerse international students in community

This year, Brandeis welcomed 65 Gateway Scholars to a program that integrates students whose primary language is not English from all areas of the globe into the Brandeis community. For each of these scholars, Brandeis provides intensive language development courses, tutors and analytical writing skills. But The Hoot would like to commend the university for […]

Choose persuasion over edict

This semester, a new administrative rule came into effect that requires all student groups using food in club events to purchase it from Sodexo. There are several exemptions to this rule that students may be eligible for after filing a waiver. If the purchase is under $100, the price of the food is cheaper than […]

Brandeis appeases student activists

Earlier this week, President Frederick Lawrence sent the Brandeis community an email announcing the formation of a new committee designed to explore the possibility of divesting Brandeis endowment funds. While there is no consensus on the wisdom and workability of divestment, we applaud the university for taking student concerns seriously. Last year, community members orchestrated […]