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Fine Arts prof. receives grant to publish new book on Asian art

This year, Dr. Aida Wong, an associate professor of Fine Arts at Brandeis, was awarded with the Theodore and Jane Norman Fund for Faculty Research and Creative Projects. This fund supports faculty at Brandeis who wish to pursue research and creative projects or to help develop their courses. According to the Brandeis website, up to […]

Explaining atomic potential of nuclear energy

As members of the global community, we are facing the imminent threat of climate change. Combating this threat will require a combined effort to change and to find various solutions that benefit each locality as best they can. When one mentions green energy, the first things that come to mind are probably solar and wind […]

Minus the Bear’s new album deserves a close listen

On Oct. 7, indie band Minus the Bear released their new album “Lost Love.” The interesting and random band name “Minus the Bear” actually came from an inside joke between a friend in the band and lead vocalist Jake Snider. The new album includes songs with original names that seem to represent a sort of […]

Silhouettes vandalized across campus

In honor of Immigration Awareness Week, silhouettes were placed across campus to signify the struggles undocumented immigrants face trying to secure a chance at higher education. However, after the weekend, only two of the silhouettes were left standing in one piece. The rest were vandalized, some destroyed beyond the point of recognition, by unknown members […]

An open letter to President Lawrence

Dear President Lawrence, We, the English Department, along with colleagues whose names appear below, write to you to express our strongest possible support for the principle of scholarly free speech and free inquiry, which is unequivocally protected by the Faculty Handbook. Free speech, especially for those of us in the humanities and social sciences, is […]

Code Orange’s ‘I Am King’ lacks creativity

Code Orange (formerly Code Orange Kids) is a band that wants to be taken seriously. It has toured relentlessly over the two years since the release of its first album “Love is Love/Return to Dust,” its name change and recruitment of Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou to produce its new record. It is also signed to […]

V.P. of Operations Jim Gray speaks out on student dining concerns

Brandeis dining has undergone many alterations since last year, including a full revamp of Usdan (to include an all-you-can-eat venue) and changes in the meal system as a whole. Jim Gray, vice president of operations and the man in charge of both dining and the mailroom, sat down with The Hoot this past week to […]

Prof. Wright followed winding path to psychology and Brandeis

This year marks Professor Ellen J. Wright’s seventh year as a professor at Brandeis University. She serves as assistant professor of psychology at Brandeis University, with an expertise in areas such as clinical psychology, depression, gender, development and emotional regulation. Wright, in an interview with The Hoot, discussed her life journey and her fields of […]

Brandeis alum’s video goes viral

On Sept. 8, Paul Gale Comedy uploaded the video “Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong” to YouTube. In the four days after, the video received over 5 million views. In an interview with People NOW, Gale said that this video has gotten twice as many views as all his others combined. The name Paul Gale […]

Brandeis lacks in handicap-accessible accommodations

Across the hall from my dorm room is a giant room. It’s handicap accessible, with no lip at the door to roll or trip over, with easy access to the lounge next to it. Our bathroom, just down the hall, is specially equipped as well, with a fold-down seat in the shower stall and bars […]