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    Selling the Rose about more than just money

    Most of the complaints about the probable demise of the Rose Art Museum so far have been regarding the ethical or financial blunders of the Board of Trustees and other senior administrators, or the possible illegality of this rash decision. While those are valid and perhaps controversial points, mine is a different one all together. […]

    Girls, Wii can play too

    My childhood experience with video games was limited to a Gameboy and watching my best friend play Mario on her oldschool Nintendo. She always played the princess. It was clear that the brains behind Nintendo knew nothing about women;

    the only female character wore a pink frilly dress. Great for running around and stepping on turtles. But lately Ive noticed how much of a mans world video gaming really is.

    That penguin movie

    Youve all seen the ads for Happy Feet. Adorable dancing penguins, Robin Williams doing voices, a warm and fuzzy (on the inside, at least) movie, right? Sort of…

    Activist Bornstein visits ‘Deis

    The first of two public appearances at Brandeis by Kate Bornstein, transgendered author, performer, and activist, occurred Wednesday night in the Sherman Function Hall. In addition to Wednesdays performance, Kate will also host a more informal chat about sex in the Shapiro Atrium on Friday and will speak in multiple classes. I was fortunate enough to see Kate from three very different angles: a theorist, a performer, and a classmate.

    Little Miss shines at the box office

    For the past month, all I hear about is Snakes on a Plane. Its everywhere. Dedicated fans popped up before the movie even came out. But I didnt see it, so Im not going to write about it. Sorry to all you nutty Snakes enthusiasts.

    Picking up the Crumbs

    As a devoted fan of the Savage brothers, when I saw previews for the show Crumbs, starring Fred Savage, I was thrilled. Nothing like some nostalgia to pull me into a new show. Because I was 12 year old boy growing up in the 60s just like Kevin Arnold.

    Great Day for a Race rocks out at Brandeis

    Brandeis own Great Day for a Race, after much anticipation from those devoted Chums fans, released their debut album, All that Life Intends. To be honest, I have little faith in college bands in general, and they are prone to writing trite and hackneyed songs about lost loves and nostalgia played with 2.5 powerchords and predictable guitar solos. They also usually fit into the tired mold of the guitar, bass, drums trio. I was relieved when I found out that the band was in fact made up of five: Ryan Pressman 06 on lead guitar, Jason Prapas 06 on vocals and guitar, Brian Schon 06 on drums, Mayank Puri 08 on bass, and, my favorite part, Rich Frank 06 on the sax. As a recent discoverer of the wonders of jazz, I find the addition of a saxophone to an otherwise generic-looking band is rather appealing.

    Whats shakin in the wizarding world?

    As a Harry Potter fan myself, Im familiar with the crazy psyched feeling that comes with the arrival of the newest book or, in this case, movie. But with the movies, its a slightly different kind of anticipation. If youre like me, youre anxious to get into that theater to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and show all of your friends (or that random old dude sitting next to you) how much you know about Harry Potter by pointing out every single unimportant detail that was left out of the film. Every five minutes you want to tap (or actually do tap) your friend and say, Hey, in the book, that line was said by Harry, not Ron! And that person sitting next to you is most likely mapping out the quickest escape route, possibly one involving duct tape, seven thumbtacks, paint thinner, and a rubber chicken.

    Seeking good times…

    Its about that time of year again. No, not the time when all TV shows start running those annoying reruns (although thats true). This is the time for all of the complaints about Brandeiss social life to come out of the woodwork. Everyone has a new theory on what the alleged problem is. The weather, the attitudes, too many nerds, whatever. Regardless of what your opinion of the social life here is, theres always a simple solution: Make your own adventures. Were fortunate enough to have one of our nations foremost cities only about a half hours bus ride away.

    Friday night as seen through eyes of a male American college student.

    When I finished reading In the Eye of the Typical College Guy, It All Boils Down to Sex in The Justice, I was a bit disturbed and very confused. I wasnt sure what part bothered me the most: That it depicted women (or shall I say females, as theyre so respectfully referred to in the article) as mindless objects that exist for the sole purpose of giving men something to hunt for, the awful blanket judgment of college guys, or the omission of gay, bisexual, or transgender people, who fit into neither of the pieces absurd black and white categories. What was a piece with such an archaic, flawed, and offensive view of gender roles doing in a Brandeis newspaper? At first I thought it was written as a joke, some sort of blatant satire that had flown completely over my head. I read it again. Nothing. No hint of sarcasm, no ironic ending, nothing remotely funny. Just a bunch of stereotypical mumbo jumbo all rolled into one very vague and unoriginal article.