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March 2006 Issue

Memory Lane

Depending on how many foreign substances you ingested during your freshman year, such as food, water, your roommates food, your roommates water, your roommate, or several of the books assigned for some humanities course that you figured you could just memorize quicker by eating, taking a trip down memory lane for upper classmen such as myself can be anywhere from frightening to fictional, in that you dont really remember anything on account of lack of sleep.

It doesnt cost anything to be nice

I was excited when, for one of my previous articles, the good people at The Hoot enlarged a quote from my mother, It doesnt cost anything to be nice. My parents are visiting Brandeis this weekend, so perhaps this is an appropriate time to tell the story behind the quote, explain my mothers life a bit, and maybe inspire some readers.

The cling factor

I have always prided myself on the fact that I am not a girlie girl. Yes, I know Ive stated a few times that I like the color pink and sparkly things and shopping. So in some senses, ok, I am indeed a girlie girl. But I do have one rule that I try to enforce at all times: dont be a clingy girlfriend. To be a clingy girl is, in my opinion, the kiss of death, or at least the kiss of a doomed relationship.

Letter to the Editor: “Continued discussion and debate is necessary” before constitution is amended

To The Members of the Brandeis Community,
At WBRS, we are concerned about the recent proposal to reform the SAF system. We realize that for most clubs, this proposal looks like an opportunity to increase their funding and expand their clubs. We would love to see this happen and would be more than willing to sacrifice a portion of our budget for this purpose. However, the SAF amendment as it currently stands does not fix the flaws in the distribution of monies. Rather, it places new stresses on an already overwhelmed system.

Editorial: No social life? No, social life!

Weve heard the campus react to the (perhaps temporary) loss of our twice-annual party, Modfest. The perennial cries of the administration ignores students and theres no social life on campus are heard from many in the student body.

The Brandeis Brief

Union Secretary Aaron Braver '07 announced the creation of a of a committee to investigate the current online system used in Union elections.

Student groups, eager to grow, look to Village space

Its big enough for anything, said Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer Peter B. French of the 800 square foot open space in the Village, located across from the Village exercise room.

Tuition, room & board up 4.5%

Tuition for the next academic year will increase by 4.5%, as will the cost of room and board, according to Acting Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning John Richard.

No funding left for course-related activities this year

The funding for course-related activities was exhausted for the academic year on Mar. 21, according to an email sent to the faculty by Michele Rosenthal, the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

Union campaigns for SAF

The Union has begun a campaign to inform voting students about the proposed Constitutional amendment which will change how the Student Activites Fee (SAF) is distributed, according to Union officials.