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December 2006 Issue

“100 Projects for Peace” giving $10,000 per proposal

A community video project in Oaxaca, a theatrical production in Brazil and a sports program for youth in Colombia are just a few of the ideas proposed by Brandeis students for 100 Projects for Peace, a competition that invites college students across the nation to design projects that will contribute to world peace in the 21st century. Each of the 100 winners will receive a $10,000 grant to fund their projects, which must be completed in the summer of 2007.

Top 10 albums of 2006

Theres no word that can possibly describe the past year in music other than Crazy. Yes, the surprise single of the summer helped to define a year in music that no pompous internet-based music review site or increasingly commercial New York based magazine could have seen coming from miles away. So, on that note, here are the years ten best albums, starting with the one that defined it all…

That penguin movie

Youve all seen the ads for Happy Feet. Adorable dancing penguins, Robin Williams doing voices, a warm and fuzzy (on the inside, at least) movie, right? Sort of…

A night with eight hot guys or, my night with VoiceMale

On Tuesday night, I was walking over to Slosberg with my friend Doug Friedman 10, getting prepped for what I was about to encounter at the VoiceMale rehearsal. I love this group and all the guys in it especially myself, said Doug with a smile. He then went on to describe the quirky dynamics of this particular all-male Brandeis a capella group, which is headed by president Jon Weinstein 07 and musical director Jordan Suchow '08.

Ten Minutes with The Last Five Years director

With the Free Play Theatre Cooperative's production of The Last Five Years set to open tonight in Spingolds Laurie Theater, director Justin Becker 09 took a few minutes before Thanksgiving to talk about the production with The Hoot…

Laugh for a good cause

With the Seventh Annual Boris Kitchen Sketch Comedy Festival set to complete the Fall 2006 UTC season, producer Rachel Hillman 07 took a few minutes to chat with The Hoot about the show and the general Boris Kitchen lifestyle.

Never too old for some Hocus Pocus

Just so you know, I cant play poker. Not that Im bad at it or anything like that. I just dont have the patience for it. So instead of actually playing poker on poker night, I usually sit in the oversized chair in front of the television, which is specifically reserved just for me.

Letter to the Editor: Level of interfaith dialogue impressive

To the Editor: As the Catholic chaplain on campus I have never felt that the University was biased against Gentiles. I am very impressed by the level and intensity of interfaith dialogue and genuine respect accorded to a wide variety of faith traditions.

Letter to the Editor: You should be ashamed!

To the Editor: You should be ashamed for printing last week's article on the subject of interfaith marriage. Ashamed not only of the unprofessional tone in which it was written, but for the atrocious subject matter of which it spoke. To imply that Jews should be allowed to marry non-Jews only opens up the floodgate before people will be saying that all sorts of miscegenation are okay.

iPod iSolation

Inundated by music, he traverses the campus without a care. Separating himself from reality and social interaction, he is in control of his own destiny. Switching the music, changing the volume, and otherwise conditioning the soundtrack of his own life, our hero is at the helm of his fate. Waves, gestures, and other kinds of salutations are ignored, as his barrier is impenetrable to mortal greetings. Reality, the world, and in fact existence itself is obscured as he continues to plug himself to the cacophonic noise of his iPod.