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October 2007 Issue

Stop the mooching, save the music

Id like to preface this article by stating that it was typed on a Macbook. I love the Mac craze currently sweeping techno-savvy, and to an extent even fashion-savvy, consumers. I love my iPod with its pristine display and immaculately white headphones. I even love the Apple store with its clean technologyeverything is patent and new, consumable, and if I can speak frankly, just plain stylin. These may seem like odd statements, especially considering that Im about to write a defamatory article about iTunes, one of Apples most popular products. So why is it, then, that I dislike iTunes so much? The answer is a simple one: iTunes, and the digital music movement at large, is the catalyst for the decline of the nuclear album as we know it.

Book of Matthew: Saving our democracy

Ever wonder why Congress never seems to get anything done? Just follow the money trail. No, I dont mean bribery, thats far too risky for most politicians. Im talking about something thats perfectly legal, and has even become an accepted part of the political system. Im talking about private campaign donations.

An ode to alcohol

I have been living in Senegal for over two months now, and while the sum of my days here is rather minimal in the grand scheme of my life, there is another aspect to my stay here that makes the 60 odd days that I have spent in this country a little different. Since I stepped off the plane in mid-August, I have not touched any sort of alcohol. It was a decision that I was half-heartedly considering before I left, but after a few days of simply not drinking and a manner of course, I made a resolution of sorts to simply continue the streak, and so far the results of that pronouncement of mine have been interesting, to say the least.

Shopping: Everyone’s doing it

My name is Chrissy and I have a problem. Okay, Im just kidding. My name is Chrissy-true. But I dont have problem- at least not that type of problem. My addiction, so to speak, is shopping. But I prefer to call it a pastime, not a problem.

The Gold Standard: Guns, Jews and shields: In support of arming campus police

Not only does Brandeis University need for its campus police to be armed;

this decision has not been taken a moment too soon. The reasons why have absolutely nothing to do with last semesters tragedy at Virginia Tech. Brandeis is simply a school which is at especial risk.

Letters To The Editor: In Response to Carter Challenge

Dear Editor:

I was on a senior high school tour of Brandeis with my daughter on October 19 when I had the opportunity to read The Hoot. I find student newspapers more informative than tour guides. I am struck by the content of Mr. Peposes piece on Carters MidEast Challenge.

Editorial: Administration improves presidential protocol

Brandeis has been very fortunate over the past year. Among all of the esteemed speakers that have graced our campus, we have been honored with two former U.S. presidents;

last year it was President Jimmy Carter and this upcoming December President Bill Clinton will be here. Yet the circumstances in which these two important speakers will appear is quite different. The Hoot would like to commend the administration with the way they have learned from their past mistakes and are handling Clinton's upcoming appearance.

IMES students send letter expressing grievances to dean, administration

Due to concern regarding the future of their program, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies students have drafted a letter addressed to various administrators including President Jehuda Reinharz and Dean of Arts and Sciences Adam Jaffe.

Brandeis graded C in report on college eco-sustainability

The Sustainable Endowments Institute, a Cambridge-based nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainability research and education, issued Brandeis a C grade in the 2008 College Sustainability Report Card released Wednesday morning.

Education Studies major proposed for Fall 2008

A proposal to create an Education Studies major will go before the University faculty for a vote in November, and if approved the major will potentially be introduced for the Fall 2008 semester, according to Prof. Marya Levenson, the Head of the Education Department.