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April 2011 Issue

Taking the guilt out of activism

I was hiking along a trail in the Blue Hill Nature Reserve in Milton, Mass. with a few friends the other day and I felt a nagging feeling of confusion and guilt. I heard a voice in my mind saying, “This is indulgent! Going on a hike with friends! When there are hundreds of acres […]

Book of Matthew: War stories

If you look closely enough, you can still find the picture floating around on the Internet. I found it a few days ago without meaning to on the Mother Jones magazine website. In it, a group of U.S. Army soldiers prepare to board a helicopter that has just landed in Afghanistan. They keep their weapons […]

The Chosen Rosen: Battling the end-of-semester blues

It’s that time of year—what our professors refer to as “the home stretch” and what we students like to call “Hell Week.” This is the time of the year that nobody likes. Sure, some of us are eager to scramble home and get our summers started, but the rest of us are too focused on […]

The Self Shelf: Don’t be buried by the Brandeis Disease

Class had started 10 minutes ago and I was unable to walk. The run had been overly long and full of hardship due to lack of sleep and a lack of direction. My legs were pulsing with pain to the point where I couldn’t stay in the same position for more than 20 seconds. I […]

Altered Consciousness: Serious fiscal solutions needed

During the last couple of weeks, I have become extremely disappointed in regards to President Obama’s domestic policies and general behavior. First of all, he just does not appear to be serious about addressing our current fiscal situation. This year we face a $1.6 trillion deficit and a more than $14 trillion federal debt, which […]

Engrossing: Facebook: Changing the face of revolution

My first semester at Brandeis and my first semester writing for The Hoot, I wrote a whole bunch of articles about Facebook and a whole bunch of articles about activism. Since the beginning of this semester, I have stepped away from these topics and written about other pressing issues such as cigarette smoking, Four Loko […]

Faking it with confidence: the art of being a camp counselor and an adult

As children, our parents and other adults know everything. They’re our source of information, telling us why the sky is blue and the difference between boys and girls. As soon as they became parents, they must have gotten a manual called “The Answer to Everything.” Three summers ago, I realized that my parents had been […]

Sexcapades: Summer lovin’?

I don’t know how this happened already, but it’s almost summer vacation. And while for some of us that means our last few weeks of freedom (especially once exams are finished) before we start our new grown-up lives, most of you will really just be going on summer vacation, with plans to return to Brandeis […]

Bowling for Soup returns to cast new lines

Fresh off studio time and a U.K. tour last year, Bowling for Soup (BFS) return this spring with an album of new material that makes me wonder if they will ever run out of topics to talk about. At home in the clever wordplay that Bowling for Soup seem to work with so easily, “Fishin’ […]

Arts festival opens with ‘happening’

The Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, held annually in the spring, is always the campus cultural highlight of the year, presenting the best of what the arts at Brandeis have to offer. This year’s festival adopts the theme that “art is all around.” As such, members of the Brandeis community who happened to […]