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March 2013 Issue

Rethinking sex culture with Brandeis Hookups and ‘Girls’

Dear Editor: I read last week’s piece by Alison Thvedt, regarding the Brandeis “community” Facebook page, “Brandeis Hookups” (March 8, 2013). On the heels of the brouhaha over the most recent episode of the much-heralded series, “Girls”, on HBO (Sunday, March 10, 2013), there seems to be a parallel at play. For those unfamiliar with […]

The nature deficit

As a first-year student, one of the first things I noticed about residing on a college campus is the increased amount of time I spent outdoors. Living in a dorm, we are required to brave the elements to feed ourselves, go to classes, and participate in activities. This is quite the contrast to the high […]

Assad regime charged with the use of chemical weapons

This week marked a dubious anniversary in our nation’s history—the ten year anniversary of the decision to invade Iraq. After ten years, public opinion has calcified in opposition to the war and those who were the main instigators have been deemed badly misguided at best and war criminals at worst. The interesting fact regarding this […]

MacFarlane performs as expected

It seems as if most viewers of this year’s 85th Academy Awards left the broadcast with the same attitude that they had going into it. Those that were fans of the Academy, Grammy and Emmy nominated host Seth MacFarlane believed that he put on a successful show and those that tended to not support him […]

Does Bloomberg’s sugar tax go to far?

America could be in big trouble if it doesn’t get its weight problem under portion control, but how should the government trim increasing waistlines without overstepping its boundaries? State Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling recently struck down New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s legislation restricting sugary drinks with more than 25 calories per ounce to […]

Four percent tuition hike untenable

Last month, members of student press and the Student Union gathered in the SCC multipurpose room to listen to Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment Andrew Flagel discuss the annual budget. On Thursday, the Board of Trustee’s meeting approved a 3.94 percent increase in overall students costs. According to Flagel, Brandeis has an annual […]

Students arrested for Keystone pipeline protes

On March 11, several Brandeis student activists were arrested for an act of civil disobedience. As part of a group that included students, members of the Massachusetts Methodist clergy, mothers fighting for their children, and concerned community members, 100 people marched into the Westborough, MA office of TransCanada Corporation and, in protest of the Keystone […]

From enemy to brother

Father Walter Cuenin, the Brandeis Catholic chaplain, attended a conference earlier this month that addressed the revolution in Catholic discussion of Jews. The conference, titled, “From Enemy to Brother: What Changed?” celebrated the publication of the book, “From Enemy To Brother” by John Connelly, a historian at the University of California, Berkeley, and featured Jewish […]

Controversy at Harvard continues to grow

A scandal at Harvard University has recently expanded from accusations pertaining to students’ academic violations to new charges regarding the university’s invasion of administrators’ privacy. The situation began at the end of the Spring 2012 semester, at which time questions arose regarding plagiarism conducted on a take-home final exam for the course “Government 1310: Introduction […]

Documentary by Oscar nominee Robert Bilheimer explores child trafficking

Riveting in its content and heart wrenching in its tragic portrayal of the horrors of child trafficking, the documentary “Not My Life,” directed by Oscar nominee Robert Bilheimer, was screened to the Brandeis Community by the Women’s Studies and Research Center. Seeking to raise awareness, the documentary depicts the shocking prevalence of child trafficking and […]