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August 2008 Issue

Shopping for Truth: Just say what you mean to say

When you’re younger, everything is as simple as a schoolyard game. Everything comes with rules and if you break them, that’s it. There’s no gray area, no in between, no ‘exceptions.’ But suddenly things change and you grow up. Now that I’m older, I sometimes wish that life came with a user’s manual- How should […]

Book of Matthew: Offshore drilling: A terrible idea

According to a recent opinion poll published by CNN/Opinion Research Corp., sixty-nine percent of Americans favor an increase in offshore drilling, while only thirty percent oppose. Fifty-one percent of Americans believe that such an increase will result in lower gas prices by as early as 2009. Rarely is such a blatantly terrible idea met with […]

One Tall Voice: Celebrating racial diversity is pointless

During the collegiate experience, we are constantly told to celebrate diversity. This concept is literally shoved down our throats as our institution and others have crafted “celebration statements” to expound upon this sacred principle. Diversity is extolled as a noble concept, an ideal people blindly pursue. I for one believe celebrating racial diversity is overrated. […]

“God Bless You”: A personal story

More than anything else in the world, I want to take a road trip to the Deep South. It’s a possibly irrational fantasy of mine that I have had ever since I went on a cross-country teen tour during the summer after Sophomore year of high school, and one that my mother does not understand. […]

A sustaining summer trip

Every night before getting into bed last May, David Drayton would check it for scorpions. Then, kicking back and reflecting on the work he had done that day in El Limon, Nicaragua, he would journal for an hour. Woken up at 2 a.m. by rising roosters, and then again at 5:30 by either cool air […]

When unpredictability proves predictable

As Brandeis students came out of exam rooms dragging their limp hands behind them, most knew what to expect from the upcoming summer. But while many of us soaked in the comfort of home or perused around all-too-familiar Waltham, Anastazyia Vareschi ’09 was headed for Senegal, where she would spend six weeks learning Wolof and […]

Yes we can: Deis Dems bring DNC to SCC

Students gathered in the Shapiro Atrium last night to watch Barack Obama accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for President. The event was made possible due to a collaboration between the Brandeis Democrats and Student Event. Over 100 students attended the event, cheering for Obama when he mentioned eliminating student debt and increasing energy effeciancy. Sen., […]

Usdan Student Center gets summer facelift

To accommodate the newly expanded C-Store, and the addition of a Quizno’s to Usdan, the space for the gameroom was cut in half over the summer. Towards the end of last semester, Aramark approached Student Activities to suggest an expanded convenience store space. Construction commenced this summer. The new C-Store, P.O.D. , occupies part of […]

Usdan Student Center gets summer facelift

In what was once Usdan’s C-Store, a Quizno’s sub shop will open towards the end of September. To accommodate the new Quizno’s, Usdan’s gameroom was divided in half and the new C-Store will now be stationed in part of the former gameroom space. In an e-mail message, Michael Newmark, director of Dining Services, said the […]

Students, admin. work to reduce campus waste

As part of a collaborative effort between students and the administration to decrease bottled water consumption at Brandeis, the Campus Sustainability Initiative is distributing a free reusable water bottle to every undergraduate student and installing water refill stations on campus. Matt Schmidt ’11, President of Students for Environmental Action, explained that recycling is an energy-intensive […]