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September 2005 Issue

LETTER: LTS: a group effort

Although I was very pleased to see such a lengthy article commending the achievements of a dear former colleague of mine, I take several issues with the Rich Graves article from September 2nd, 2005. Ignoring some unfortunate spelling mistakes not caught by the spell checker (the curse of a typo or mistake that happens to be an actual word as well), I feel the article lauds too much praise on one individual for the works achieved by a much greater team. Rich Graves was the Senior Unix Administrator on campus. In this capacity it was not his decision to install an Ethernet network nor to increase network capacity. This fell under the Network Operations

CAHN: Unnatural Disaster

Once again Americans are forced to redefine the scope of domestic human suffering, once again we are asked to expand our tolerance of governmental incompetence. The flood waters of hurricane Katrina have washed way our illusions, and revealed the decay under foot. It has shown how far America is from escaping our legacy of racism, it has shown how little has be done to protect this nation since 9/11, and it has shown us just how fragile our lives are.

Science fails to explain itself

It has been my experience with biology that very rarely does one encounter simplicity. True enough, the underlying science is not terribly complex, once sufficiently broken down and analyzed. But this is true of all sciences. No, it is in the application of that science that things become complicated. Whenever science meets society, confusion and frustration are, lamentably, commonplace. Because of these observations, I have attempted to ascertain the cause of this disorder. It is my conclusion that the fault for the science-society discord rests firmly on the shoulders of the scientists.

Things like this don't happen in America

Whats it looking like? I asked my father. I had taken a break from my packing to consult the news, which for the past day or so, had been perpetually turned on. Not good, he replied. The next day, August 29th, just after dawn, we would begin our 12-hour journey to Massachusetts from Cleveland, Ohio. At the same time, it was predicted that Hurricane Katrina would begin her destruction of the Gulf Coast.

The Reckoning, Pt. 2

Editor's Note: Michael Sitzman wrote this as a personal remembrance of Sept. 11, 2001. He gave The Hoot permission to reprint it. This is part II of II.

MOVIE REVIEW: Pretty Persuasion persuades audiences around the globe

First-time feature film director Marcos Siega opens Pretty Persuasion by panning across a number of remarkably similar girls from the knees up and the neck down. Their heads are invisible, as those features are not nearly as important as each girls subtly different shade of blonde hair and ample chests. As the camera pans to a door we realize that we are in a waiting room.

BTC offers undergraduate opportunities

Last week Eric Hill, Chair of the Theater Arts Department, was kind enough to spare a few minutes to discuss the new Brandeis Theater Company (BTC) with The Hoot.

FARBER: Streaking your way to better grades

If any of you have ever gotten on stage during the camp-wide talent show in a giant T-shirt with your legs through the sleeves and your head through the neck hole thereby making it impossible for you to stand erect in order to imitate what you thought was a kangaroo trying to entertain a completely bewildered group of 2,500 high-schoolers looking at you like a catatonic looks at a crazed hippopotamus about to maul him and wondering what in Gods name youre trying to do, then you know exactly what its like to be publicly embarrassed in the summer of 7th grade at sleep-away camp in front of 2,500 people.


Dear God, help us. Hear our prayers and have mercy

The hurricane was summed up well in a newspaper quote as corpses floated down the street in the devastated Gulf Coast city: The weak and staggered senses of mankind may gather fragments of the disaster, and may strive with inevitable incompleteness to convey the merest impression of the saddest story which ever engaged the efforts of a reporter…

Remembering the super stadium in New Orleans

The Superdome, home of the New Orleans Saints and last week thousands of refugees, may never open its doors to another sporting event. In this article we want to focus on the Superdomes glory days and the historic sporting events that took place within its walls.