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November 2005 Issue

Letter to the Editor #1

To the Editor:
I was disheartened to read Kevin Montgomerys article, The increasing irrelevancy of feminism, in last weeks edition of The Hoot. It was clear in reading the article that Montgomery knows little about the actions and goals of the feminist movement both at Brandeis and globally and that his attacks on the feminist community were baseless.

Student Events talks to The Hoot

Student Events (SE) is the umbrella group that puts on many well-known events such as theme weeks and concerts that occur each semester. The department of Special Events is in charge of organizing Louis Louis, the annual autumn theme week, as well as the complementary spring theme week known as Bronstein, which will begin April 2006.

Father Michael to Leave Deis

Father David Michael, the Catholic priest at Brandeis, will leave the University this semester in order to serve in a nearby community.

ANTH offers new Masters in Cultural Production

The Brandeis Board of Trustees has recently approved the creation of a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Cultural Production, an interdisciplinary graduate program of the Department of Anthropology.

Grandpas picture

In Mr. Arnolds kindergarten art class we created pictures one day with a new technique. We drew in crayon, then painted over it in solid color. The paint covered the bare spots but ran off the crayons marks so the drawing showed through — a beautiful effect. I painted a house with an evergreen tree and clouds, in a childs typical style, and chose a deep, bright blue to cover it. I liked my picture. My mom did too. She often displayed my schoolwork on the kitchen icebox. Not this one…

Big names, little albums

Theres no question that 2005 has provided one of the more eclectic years for new music releases in recent memory. From the ambitious double album efforts of Bright Eyes and Foo Fighters, to Bloc Partys various releases of their hyped-up Silent Alarm (its most recent incarnation being a remix album), to System of a Downs double metal assault of Mezmerize and Hypnotize, each released at different intervals this year.

Soccer, anyone?

Soccer has never been Americas game. Actually, its never even been in the top five. Football, baseball, basketball, and even hockey have constantly overshadowed what is easily the most popular sport in the rest of the world. In recent years, even NASCAR has managed to gain more of a hold on the American consciousness than soccer has. Considering the strides that both the mens and womens national teams have made in the last decade, this is a surprising trend. As of the September 2005 rankings, the American men stand at seventh in the world, while the women sit at second, trailing only the Germans. This past August, the mens national team claimed the North American championship in a spectacular Gold Cup against Panama. The men have also qualified for an unprecedented fifth straight World Cup.

WVolleyball classic in recent tourney

The long and winding road does eventually lead to that door;

hopefully Brandeis success in the Judges tournament will lead them up the path of respectability. Following a tough string of matches in which Brandeis went 1 and 8 in the past two weeks, Brandeis came roaring through the Judges Classic to win the tournament, overcoming past defeats and a string of injuries that saw every player take the floor (We had some players playing out of position Coach Kim said). Their tournament came complete with a record-setting performance by libero Shannon Trees 08 who served a record setting consecutive 26 serves that led to Brandeis points.

Swim dives into action

This past week saw the kickoff of the Brandeis swim teams dual meets. On Oct. 26, the mens and womens teams competed against Boston Colleges swim teams. Boston College won both meets. On Oct. 29, Brandeis swept the Keene State College swim teams.

MSoccer coach promises win in the last game

Brandeis began the weekend with a tie, but finished it with a loss against two tough UAA opponents.
The University of Chicago Maroons took the lead early to beat Brandeis 3-1. The win left the Maroons 12-5 and 4-2 in the UAA. The loss dropped the Judges to 6-8-2 and 0-4-2 in conference play.