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February 2005 Issue

OSTROWSKY: Pot of gold for Beantown students

All that separated the hundreds of Boston University and Boston College students sitting behind opposing nets were the rafters commemorating the great Celtics and Bruins from the glory days. In this 53rd Beanpot the spotlight as always was on BU and BC. Sure Northeastern and Harvard went at it in a nail biting first game but the meager crowd that was on hand for it was equivalent to the crowd of friends and family of a JV high school basketball team playing in the game before the varsity squad hits the court. This one was less about the Hockey East standings, and more about good old ra ra school pride.

BERKENWALD: V-day: The holiday everyone loves to hate

Yep. Its that time of year again. Flip-flops are pink, lollipops are heart-shaped and cute slogans are floating in the air. Valentines Day, or V-day, as we seem to be calling it nowadays, is upon us full force.

ON YOUR MARKS: Will work for food: The plight of the pro-Athlete

Being that were in college, we students are never really sure where our next meal is coming from. That statement should actually be amended;

personally, I always know where my next meal is coming from, because I am beyond anal-retentive and plan these things in advance. Most of us are broke, and the ones that arent probably have better things to spend their money on than food.

Applications jump by 1,300 with new quick decision process

Over 7,200 applications for admission were received by Brandeis this year, an increase of about 1,300 over last years applicant pool and the largest in the Universitys history. By various means, Brandeis is aggressively recruiting a wider pool of applicants.

Rachel Kohn 07 elected Union Judiciary Chief Justice

Rachel Kohn 07 has been voted Chief Justice of the Union Judiciary by a secret ballot of her peers. Originally from West Bloomfield, Michigan, Kohn came to Brandeis as part of the first ever mid-year class. The youngest member of the UJ, Kohn is only in her second semester on the court.

With IPTV may come numerous concerns

One of the reasons for the pilot is to iron out potential problems with the system including incompatibilities with the Brandeis network. Hoot testing of IPTV in real-world conditions revealed that watching the video streams can cause echoing and distortion on phone calls and can sometimes make phone usage impossible. This behavior, which can also cause the phone to spontaneously reboot, was most frequently observed while changing channels.

MAIRSON: Denude anti-Semitism? Im against it

False, phony accusations of anti-Semitism only make the real thing harder to talk about. And untruths in the name of what we believe in whether its philo-Semitism, Zionism, or Holocaust memory detract from the truths that we think are so important. Both impede the free thinking that is essential at a university.

THEATER PREVIEW: King Lear offers new take on an old story

If acting is the art of keeping the audience from coughing, then Eric Hills adaptation of King Lear is an excellent suppressant. Hills adaptation of Shakespeares roughly 400-year-old text reconciles 19th century tragedy with a contemporary dramatic sense.
I try to reach into Shakespeare and retrieve the heart of the play from its original historical setting, bring it forward to the immediate moment. I want the play to be breaking on the shore of the immediate moment of the experience in the theater, said Hill, the Barbara Sherman 54 and Malcolm L. Sherman Chair of Theater Arts.

FARBER: Murderous ducks and dying hamsters

Im a Junior. And as I try to look back on the long road that got me here, I completely forget where I put it, and what might have been on it the last time I saw it. But though I am forgetful, I remember a lot. Specifically, I remember that the road that got me here was definitely filled with bumps, cracks, potholes, talking pizza slices, two-foot midget ninjas trying to psych me out from filling out my application by performing the Macarena in radioactive polka-dotted pajamas, as well as the other standard obstacles one may or may not ever encounter on his or her road to a university setting. But radioactive midgets aside (which, by the way, would be a great name for a comedy club) there is one thing that turned that road into the road that led straight to an acceptance letter and North Quad, my first year residence.

High security, full house for former terrorists speach

Every seat was occupied in Shapiro Theatre this past Monday night, when Former Palestinian terrorist, Walid Shoebat filled the auditorium. Sponsored by Hillel, Zionists for Historical Veracity, the Union Senate, Israel Campus Roundtable, and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, this event was attended by a primarily receptive Pro-Israel crowd. There was a tremendous amount of security at this event, as two metal detectors accompanied by armed police officers and a bomb sniffing dog were present. This led to a very crowded and hectic line prior to the speech.