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Archive for 2005

Denying Religious Oppression at Brandeis

Before I submitted last weeks column on being a goy at Brandeis, I promised myself that I would do a follow-up on the response I got, regardless of whether I turned out to be correct or incorrect on the issue of campus racism. My discoveries were appalling, but not shocking.

Letter to the Editor: A fellow goy at Brandeis

Dear Mr. Montgomery,
First of all, let me acknowledge your courage in writing this article. I assume that you knew it would be fairly inflammatory, but you wrote what you felt you had to. Good for you. However, my admiration for you ends there, and fairly abruptly.

Letter to the Editor: A welcoming campus

To the editor:
As a Gentile, I strongly disagree with Kevin Montgomerys portrayal of Brandeis Jews in his Dec. 2 editorial, “A memoir of a 'Goy' at Brandeis,” in which he contends that Brandeis Jews discriminate and are racist towards Gentiles on campus. He asserts that while it did not take me long to figure out there was a Jew-Gentile divide on campus;

I never thought it would be downright racist.

Jamele Adams

When Jamele Adams is in a room, you know it.

After only three months at Brandeis as Assistant Dean of Student Life in Support of Diversity, Adams is already everywhere. This is because, as he says, you cant just have an open door policy, you have to go to where people are. He accomplishes this by doing various hall programs to encourage diversity, performing his spoken word poetry around campus, and hosting major campus-wide events.

December Darfur Conference

Students and experts from across the nation converged on Harvard University last weekend for the December Darfur Conference. The conference was organized by students from Brandeis, Harvard, Wellesley, and Georgetown and attended by two hundred and fifty students from 20+ colleges and high schools.

Stein staff stungby WPD

The Stein restaurant was caught serving alcohol to underage individuals on November 10th and may lose its liquor license, according to Waltham Police.

Attacks in Village, Massell

The rooms of four female residents of the Village and Massell quads were entered last weekend by an unknown college-age assailant, and one resident was assaulted, according to Ed Callahan and the Waltham Police Department. The victim of the Village assault was transported to Newton-Wellesley Hospital to treat her injuries.
At approximately 4 a.m. Saturday, according to the first of two safety alerts Public Safety sent to the Brandeis community, a student in the Village A residence hall was repeatedly punched by an individual who then quickly fled the building.

Fencing Notebook

On November 19th, the Brandeis Mens and Womens fencing teams traveled to Brown University to participate in the Northeast Conference Meet, and both sides were able to put on quite a show. The Mens team came away with four victories, topping UMass, Tufts, Boston University, and the University of New Hampshire. The Women were able to best those four teams plus Wellesley and Smith, to emerge with six wins. Neither side suffered a loss.

NFL Week 12 Recap

The Colts just won their eleventh straight game, making them only the eleventh team to go 11-0 in NFL history. They were fortunate to defeat the Bengals and Steelers, both of whom had seven wins. However Peyton Manning and Edgerrin James managed to get the Colts 26 points against the Steelers, while the impressive defense held young Ben Roethlisberger to under 150 yards, and just one touchdown score on Monday night.

This week in sports

Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, and Guillermo Mota were traded to the Boston Red Sox from Florida for Hanley Ramirez and three other prospects.