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October 2005 Issue

Flooding in East Quad

Around 6:30 pm Sunday night, a fire-suppression sprinkler on Pomerantz 6 in East Quad was activated after being accidentally struck by a football. By the time Facilities was able to shut it off, the sprinkler had expelled hundreds of gallons of water into the hallway and residents rooms. The water also seeped through cracks in the floor and gushed through data pipes, pipes carrying cable and Ethernet, into rooms on the fifth floor, causing damage to personal property and soaking beds and carpets.

3 students hospitalized after Modfest

Three students who attended the semi-annual Modfest party Saturday night were hospitalized for symptoms of excessive alcohol consumption.

Abdullah advisor speaks to The Hoot about joining NEJS faculty

Come fall of 2006, Brandeis will welcome Dr. Joseph Lumbard into the Near Eastern and Judaic Studies department as a fulltime professor of Islamic Studies. Dr. Lumbard comes to the Brandeis community from the administration of King Abdullah of Jordan, where he currently serves as the advisor on interfaith affairs to the king.

Linguistics proposal passes

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) has provisionally approved a recent proposal for the restructuring of the undergraduate Linguistics major entitled Language and Linguistics.

Jumbo sized loss

There they were, face to face, mano a mano, Judges versus Jumbos, the battle of two division three schools with unusual mascot choices (and names, what the heck is a Jumbo?). It was at Red Auerbach Arena that the womens volleyball team fought hard, but it was not enough, as the Judges lost their fifth game in a row 3-0 (30-24, 30-28, 30-24).

Even More Hoot Photos

If you wanted to read this week's Hoot comic and see Blackalicious in the same place, you came to the right page!

Hoot Photos

This week's wonderful, beautiful, scrumdidlyumptious photos include the Brandeis soccer team, someone serving delicious ice cream, vehicles, and squirrels.

Campus wide intellectual oppression regarding newspaper

According to the Brandeis Admissions website, Brandeis is a school of freethinking intellectuals. However, this statement is inconsistent with the events that took place last Wednesday. Midday, Mark Brier was kicked off campus and threatened with arrest for doing nothing more than handing out Revolution News, the newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

The case against Harriet Miers

I, like many of my more legally interested brethren of all ideological spectrums, waited with eager anticipation for George W. Bushs selection of a nominee to be Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court vice Sandra Day OConner, resigned. We all-with eager anticipation debated whether he would nominate a J. Michael Luttig (a protge of Justice Scalia) or a more moderate nominee, such as Circuit Judge Karen Williams or Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. The question was never whether his nominee would follow in the paths of most recent nominees in being one of the most brilliant scholars in the field of Constitutional law or whether they would be tainted by cronyism-then came Harriet Miers.

Silberman hired as assistant Provost

With the hiring of Dr. Richard Silberman, Brandeiss search for an Assistant Provost finally ended Sept. 30. Dr. Silberman, who replaces former Special Advisor to the Provost Mary Jean Corbitt, officially began his new position Oct. 3.